DisfruTe La vida
About Disfrute la Vida

We offer you a chance to invest in yourself in the form of health in many ways, conscious presence, personal development, finances and in stays and housing in sunny Spain. 

The tools include Joy of Life coaching, motivational conversations, CBT, stress management, pilates, yoga, mindfulness, treatments and much more.


Karin Pontén, Joy of life coach, Educator and Article writer, shares her time between Sweden and Spain using her many languages to add more joy and success to people´s life areas. She had an upbringing influenced by many languages and cultures.
Her parents bear witness that from sand box age she would study behaviours, unspoken communication and foreign languages in others and then present it in words to her parents.
This proneness later led to her becoming a Behavioural scientist with a particular interest in neuropsychology, pedagogics, communication and health. 
 Presented with both personal and work experience with the social services in many life areas considered as dysfunctional environments, such as family, relationship, abuse and other she has a profound non-judging identification ability.
A health condition with subsequent profound physical impact over nearly ten years put her holistic health knowledge to a successful test.
She now is dedicated to giving other people tools to ease their way into increasing joy and success in any or all areas of life. From doing a whole lot of pro bono work it has by now grown itself into company size work. 
Her motto: Heightened Joy for all, since it benefits all!