DisfruTe La vida

Practicing Joy of Life Arts

Choosing to heighten Joy of Life in any or all areas of Your life not only adds a silver lining, it really changes things in life - and not only for yourself!
If NOW is Your time to heighten knowledge about and experience of Joy and Abundance in health and wealth in life I have tools for You.
Warmly welcome to find out more about what this could mean for Your life situation.
¡Disfrute la Vida! Njut av livet! Enjoy Life!
Love, Karin Pontén

Disfrute la Vida's featurings 2021:

* Brainz 500 Global list, https://www.brainzmagazine.com/brainz-500-global?utm_campaign=3a4247b0-4373-4fc9-a6be-053dd50be5c2&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=72e6d9d2-d425-4b36-bdfb-3e0b52158b9f 
*  Standing contributing article writer for Sybil Magazine
*  Standing contributing article writer for Brainz Magazine
 * Recurring expert on the Lockdown Impact Master Intensive
* Podcasts and articles for Quality of Life
Links will be posted here along the way as it happens to find out more.